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Cada vez mais percebemos que, para poder interagir nos diferentes sectores e alcançar diferentes objectivos, é importante ter um grande domínio de línguas. E ao aprender a língua Inglesa, você poderá entender melhor certos conceitos, termos e melhorar na aplicação do conhecimento adquirido de forma global. 

Para lhe ajudar nesta jornada, a VASSTOS tem um conjunto de níveis para o aprendizado da língua inglesa:

Inglês - Nível de idioma A1 - C1+

Visão geral do curso

O curso de Inglês é oferecido em diferentes níveis para lhe ajudar a alcançar a excelência da língua inglesa: Beginner; Elementary; Pre-Intermediate; Intermediate; Intermediate Plus; Upper-Intermediate; Advanced and Advanced Plus

Desenvolva habilidades profissionais

English For IT 1 and 2

Course Overview

The course teaches English language in the context of IT. It covers grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening skills with some limited writing—focusing on essential terminology and phrases used in technology. The learner will gain upper- intermediate level language skills and prepare for the English for IT B2 / GSE 59-75 certification exam.


In a survey of 500 IT employers, 89% said they require employees to have at least some proficiency in English. (Source: Indeed, "Why English Proficiency is Important in the Tech Industry," 2020). Teaching students the essentials will help them land a job.

Develop Professional Skills

Course Details

Target Audience: Late-stage K12 and Higher Education students and IT professionals early in their careers

Estimated Time to Completion: 40-50 hours per course

Prerequisites: Learners should be at B1-level English (lower intermediated)

Course Delivery: Instructor-led or Self-paced

Learning Component Highlights:
11 listening videos, 29 grammar videos, 6 idiom videos, 3 interview videos
70+ grammar and vocabulary exercises

Course Recognitions: Digital Badge

Certification Alignment: Completing both courses align with the English for IT B2 / GSE 59-75 certification exam

Recommended Next Course: English for IT 2

Course Delivery: Instructor-led (Cost:  English for IT 1: 40.000,00Kz - Duration one month | English for IT 2: 40.000,00Kz - Duration one month) 

Support: Cisco Networking Academy